Coach Freddy

Freddy will be at the retreat to make the stay as productive and enjoyable as possible and he will organise each day. Freddy will be your private fitness and weight loss coach.

Being a fully qualified tennis instructor and racing driver Freddy knows exactly how to push clients to their maximum potential. Having struggled with weight his entire life, Freddy found a way to sustainable weight loss. Freddy quotes: ‘this program has totally changed my life, allowing me to eat whatever I want (within moderation)’. Freddy considers himself a weight loss coach having gone through the program with amazing results and he understands fully what it takes to succeed. Not only is the program about weight loss but also about changing the mindset to achieve a change for a better and healthier lifestyle.

This is the world’s first resort where you receive one to one coaching in weight loss whilst having the ability to take part in over 20 different sports and activities. Ranging from a round of golf to learning how to drive a car around Brands Hatch, Freddy will be on hand for you to make the most out of your stay.

Freddy will be at the retreat to organise all the daily activities and to teach his clients to fully understand why they are overweight. He states: ‘the exercise is the smallest part of the challenge; the most important part is to understand when and how much one is able to eat’. Depending on what each individual client wants to achieve, the program will be tailored to their needs. ‘I started this resort to help people in a similar situation to myself, to show them there is a way to keep weight off and enjoy life at the same time.’ Once they understand there is a sustainable alternative and not just a fad diet, most clients will change their lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Freddys Background

29 Swedish with a BA Hons in International Business. Professional racing driver and ex Trader