A Luxury Private Weight Loss Retreat

Completely Private

Set in Southern England, the accommodation is private with just your coach Freddy living at the 10 Bed retreat.

Coach Freddy

Your personal coach for the entire stay. Being a professional racing driver always struggling with weight until finally finding a method to loose and sustain a healthy weight.

Pure Luxury

Each meal prepared by a personal chef as well as access to a masseuse, personal trainer, tennis coach, golf instructor and many more sports. Includes a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

What techniques will be used to achieve weight loss?

Everyone will have a weight loss program specifically designed to their goals and needs. Each meal will be customized by Freddy and prepared by our Head Chef to ensure using the best quality and freshness of products to optimise the flavour of the meals.

Freddy will be using 2 main techniques to successfully achieve weight loss:

  • The first technique will focus on a ‘time restricted diet’ also known as ‘Intermittent fasting’. This diet is one of the most powerful diets in the world due to the numerous proven health benefits as well as weight loss. There are several variations of the number of hours of fasting to be implemented. Freddy will customize the program to keep everyone as comfortable as possible during the process.At first it may sound daunting not to eat for 12-16 hours but when considering you will be sleeping for 10 of them you will soon notice it is not as hard as one might think. By skipping breakfast all the hours will have passed and after practising this technique for 1-2 weeks your body will fully adjust and start becoming a fat burning machine. The reason why fasting is so effective is because you are changing your body’s main source of fuel from glucose to ketones. When this happens, (which can take a couple of weeks), your body will be able to access your fat cells and start burning these as their primary energy source. This means you will lose fat and start achieving the weight loss you desire. This is not the easiest diet to follow but by starting with a larger time window it is achievable and you will soon reap the benefits. Freddy has now followed this plan for 4 months quoting ‘at the start it was tough but after a couple of weeks you start wondering how you ever managed to eat 3 full meals a day, he will continue this for the rest of his life.’ The beauty of this diet is you can still eat your favourite food whilst losing weight!
  • The second technique that will be used at Freddy’s Retreat is a variation of ‘the Ketogenic diet’. This diet has many similar properties to the intermittent fasting as again we are trying to convert the bodies main source of fuel to ketones. By restricting the intake of carbohydrates, we force the body to produce ketones to enter a state of ketosis. This achieves weight loss quickly and can be more manageable than intermittent fasting as you never have to be hungry but instead are restricted by certain food groups. For the most effective diet we would combine low carb eating with intermittent fasting which produces the fastest results but is more mentally challenging than following just one diet.

The purpose of the weight loss scheme at Freddy’s Retreat is not to regard it as a diet or a short term weight loss scheme but instead think of it as tool to change old habits with the aim of achieving a new much healthier lifestyle. If you don’t you will forever be chasing the next unsustainable diet for the rest of your life.